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1st UK Mortgages are specialists that work with individuals with bad or poor credit. Our mission is to work with individuals that are ready to purchase a new home or who would like to remortgage their current property.

The specialists at 1st UK Mortgage are skilled on the ins and outs of the UK mortgage network, and work with all lenders in the market. We understand the needs of each individual lender, and know what types of credit they will work with.

This allows the staff at 1st UK Mortgage to put together recommendations of lenders that will work with our individual clients, and where our clients will have the highest success rate for remortgage or mortgage approval.

1st UK Mortgages takes the leg work out of finding a suitable lender from applicants. Instead of researching and finding a lender that will work with bad credit applicants, 1st UK Mortgages takes the lead and provides the options upfront.

1st UK Mortgages is the best bad credit mortgage broker in the UK and will work with you to secure your new mortgage.

Products and Services

• CeMap qualified brokers
• UK mortgage brokers for bad credit
• Remortgages for bad credit
• Declined or refused mortgage applicants are welcome to work with us!
• Much more!


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